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pack of cinamon dhoop sticks

HelpUsGreen Natural Cinnamon Dhoop Sticks (25 Sticks Pack of 1)

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⨠ 100% Natural Ingredients
⨠ Hand-rolled by Rural Women
⨠ Long-lasting Fragrance
⨠ Burn Time: 40-45 minutes
⨠ Ethically sourced ingredients
⨠ Charcoal-free for a healthier experience
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Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and unwind with HelpUsGreen's Cinnamon Dhoop Sticks. Handcrafted by women flowercyclers, this 25-stick pack of organic incense sticks is made with 100% natural ingredients, offers a long-lasting fragrance, a burn time of 40-45 minutes, and is charcoal-free for a healthy experience.

Elevate The Ambiance And Smell Of Your Home With Cinnamon Dhoop Sticks

The delightful scent of cinnamon can really boost your spirits and give you a serene, homely ambiance. Not only do Cinnamon dhoop sticks look beautiful with their natural color & slender shape, but they can also be used for decorating your space & adding to its ambiance.

1. Crafted with a Sustainable Approach 

HelpUsGreen is dedicated to protecting the environment and keeping it safe so we produce handmade dhoop sticks with organic, natural materials that are biodegradable. To top it off, our organic Cinnamon dhoop stick packaging is made from recycled materials - making them truly guilt-free.

2. Take Advantage Of The Aromatic Properties Of Organic Cinnamon Dhoop Sticks

Lighting up Cinnamon dhoop sticks can help turn any environment into a relaxing & calming one. It emits a warm, sweet, and comforting aroma which has been known to reduce stress and create feelings of peacefulness.

3. Hand-Rolled Dhoop Sticks Supporting Rural Women's Artisanry

By choosing Helpusgreen's hand-rolled incense sticks, you're not only picking an eco-friendly option but also helping rural women in Kanpur, India. Your purchase provides a source of livelihood to these talented ladies & gives them financial independence. It's a win-win. 

Long-Lasting Aromas for Hours of Peace

Our 25 Cinnamon Dhoop Sticks will bring your home a heavenly fragrance. Each stick lasts up to 45 minutes and burns at a superior quality. Cinnamon has been known for its stimulating properties, helping to get a sense of well-being.

Strengthening Your Health with Cinnamon Essential Oils

Thanks to its high concentrations of anti-bacterial & antifungal agents, the cinnamon essential oil can effectively relieve pain, help control acne symptoms and boost circulation. Its particular scent is also very comforting.

Frequently Asked Questions:

People often use Cinnamon dhoop Incense for its potential benefits, such as providing a calming effect, focus, boosting the mood, and making the space feel more inviting.

Cinnamon dhoop Incense releases a natural and aromatic fragrance when burned, which is derived from the essential oils present in cinnamon. This aroma is known for its warm and comforting qualities.

Yes, Cinnamon Incense Dhoop sticks are specifically crafted with cinnamon and other natural ingredients, providing a unique fragrance and set of properties distinct from regular incense sticks.

Yes, the soothing aroma of Cinnamon dhoop sticks can contribute to relaxation, stress relief, and creating a calming environment.

Cinnamon Dhoop Sticks from Helpusgreen are hand rolled with care using natural ingredients, offering an authentic and high-quality cinnamon fragrance for a unique aromatic experience.

The fragrance of Cinnamon dhoop Incense can last for 40-45 mins, depending on factors such as ventilation and the size of the space.

You can purchase high-quality Cinnamon Dhoop Sticks directly from the Helpusgreen website.

Yes, Helpusgreen's Cinnamon Dhoop Sticks are crafted using natural ingredients, ensuring an authentic and eco-friendly product.

The warm and invigorating aroma of Cinnamon Incense has the potential to enhance focus and concentration, creating a conducive environment for work, study, or creative activities.

Yes, Cinnamon Incense can be used for special occasions, rituals, ceremonies, and festive celebrations, adding a delightful fragrance and ambiance to the event.

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