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Top 10 Dhoop Sticks For Meditation and Relaxation

We all are stuck in the rat race, living amid chaos and constantly chasing happiness, peace, and personal growth. Yet, in our pursuit of having it all, we forget one crucial thing: enjoying the present. 

You tell me, how can you enjoy the present when you are constantly worrying about your next step to have it all?

You need to live in the present moment and enjoy life as it comes. You need to relax by finding moments of peace amid the chaos. Now, the next question is how you can do this. Well, the answer is simple: find time to meditate and relax with aromatic dhoop sticks

Wondering how it is possible to add dhoop sticks’ aroma to the mix? Continue reading to find out!

How Do Scents Help To Relax And Meditate?

Many people have devoted their time to research and understanding how certain scents can help you relax your mind. Their findings and people’s experiences throughout the years have proved that inhaling certain scents or essential oils activates the emotional centre of the brain. Your olfactory bulb, responsible for your sense of smell, sends a message to your brain to relax. It has a positive impact on your hormonal levels and helps you to regulate your nervous system. This way of improving your psychological and physiological well-being with the use of natural oils is known as “Aromatherapy”

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There are many ways to leverage the benefits of aromatherapy, but the most effective one is with the use of 100% natural dhoop sticks combined with stress-relieving activities like meditation and massages. The meditation dhoop sticks infused with essential oils complement the stress-relieving activities with their aroma. It helps you relax, purifies the air, and creates a healthy environment. 

However, you must understand that the effectiveness of aromatherapy tends to vary as it depends on the individual’s choice and the specific scents that they use. Furthermore, not all meditation dhoop sticks made out of essential oils are created to help you soothe your mind and body, there are only some specific scents that can do the trick, so let’s explore them, shall we?

10 Dhoop Sticks For Meditation and Relaxation

 Here are some of the best incense for meditation and relaxation:

  1. Natural Mogra Dhoop Sticks:

    The sweet floral allure of Mogra dhoop sticks is a popular choice for people looking to reduce their anxiety and enter into a peaceful state of mind. When you combine the soothing fragrance of mogra with a stress-relieving activity like meditation, you create a powerful synergy. This meditation dhoop sticks helps you relax and improve your focus during meditation. Apart from this, it also helps to balance your emotions so you can get the inner piece that you have always wanted. 

  2. Natural Sandalwood (Chandan) Dhoop Sticks:

    The musky scent of sandalwood or chandan dhoop sticks is known to create a warm and comforting ambience, bringing a sense of calmness to your soul. This meditation sticks scent is also known to improve focus and make it easier to concentrate when you sit down to meditate after a long and stressful day. It can also help you make your meditation session even more immersive by serving as a gentle reminder if your mind starts to wander. 

  3. Natural Rose (Gulab) Dhoop Sticks:

    Rose meditation dhoop sticks’ sweet and romantic fragrance is not merely associated with love and positivity. This meditation incense’s smell is known to relieve anxiety and stress, making it a popular choice for those desiring a loving and peaceful environment. When it comes to meditating with this loving scent, you will feel as though your senses have heightened and your mind is clear.

  4. Natural Lavender Dhoop Sticks:

    The light and subtle scent of lavender dhoop sticks promotes positive energy and relieves stress and anxiety. It provides clarity of thoughts, making it ideal for use when meditating. This meditation stick also lifts your spirit and activates your senses. Additionally, lavender is famous for balancing 7 chakras and simulating the conscious mind and the third eye chakra.

  5. Natural Citronella Dhoop Sticks:

    The floral citrus-like aroma of citronella dhoop sticks contains rejuvenating properties. It helps to clear your mind, remove pessimistic thoughts, and calm your mind and soul. This fresh and invigorating aroma is a popular choice for people who meditate. You can use this meditation incense scent for indoor and outdoor meditation sessions; however, indoor sessions have proven to be more beneficial for a deep meditation session.

  6. Natural Lemongrass Dhoop Sticks:

    The stress-relieving properties of lemongrass make it another favoured choice of many. Its floral and citrus-like scent turns a dull space into a bright and lively one. This change in the atmosphere helps to calm down your nerves, get rid of any nauseous feeling, and relieve pain from headaches. This lemongrass dhoop sticks can help to create the perfect environment for you when you sit down to meditate, be it in the morning or at night after a stressful day.  

  7. Natural Patchouli Dhoop Sticks:

    Patchouli dhoop sticks are known for their sweet and earthy aroma. Its scent is like a splash of confidence and motivation that is thrown at you when you need it the most. Its grounding scent gives you a sense of groundedness and helps you maintain focus during meditation or any other task. It is more commonly used to relieve stress and anxiety. 

  8. Natural Tulsi Dhoop Sticks:

    Tulsi is known for its calming and purifying properties. When turned into dhoop sticks, it has a soothing fragrance that creates a sacred and pure environment for spiritual practices, which can help you find peace. The organic ingredients in the tulsi dhoop sticks, dipped in essential oils, purify the natural air and calm down your mind, helping you concentrate during meditation or any other task. 

  9. Natural Khus Dhoop Sticks:

    The smokey and earthy scent of khus dhoop sticks is refreshing and invigorating. It is perfect for creating an atmosphere that is lively and energetic. You can combine meditation with Khus dhoop sticks to kickstart your day and activate your senses. Otherwise, you can even use it after a stressful day to improve your mood and reduce your worries. 

  10. Natural Eucalyptus Dhoop Sticks:

    The mesmerising smell of eucalyptus dhoop sticks can make you believe that you are standing in a forest just after rainfall has stopped. The natural and earthy smell can calm you down and create a peaceful atmosphere. This dhoop stick is most commonly used in aromatherapy and meditation because of its rejuvenating properties.


Escape the chaos of your mundane life; relax and meditate with HelpUsGreen’s 100% Organic Dhoop Sticks. Our natural dhoop sticks, infused with essential oils, offer a gateway to improve focus and bring peace to your body and soul. 

Do keep in mind that everyone’s aromatic experience differs. So, take a walk on a beautiful journey of exploration and experiment with diverse scents to see what works best for you and resonates with your soul. They are the best incense for meditation and relaxation.