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HelpUsGreen Natural Citronella Dhoop Sticks ( Citronella Mosquito) (25 Sticks Pack of 1)

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Looking for a luxurious, relaxing, and refreshing scent? 

Bringing to you the HelpUsGreen Natural Citronella Dhoop Sticks for a fresh citrus scent. The ideal fragrance especially if you prefer a less fruity scent.

1. Natural Citronella Dhoop Sticks For An Aromatic Home

Citronella is a fragrant grass that gets its name from a French word that means ‘lemon balm’. This is due to its floral, citrus-like aroma. Light one of our natural citronella dhoop sticks and bask in the fragrant aroma.

2. Natural Citronella Dhoop Sticks That Are Environmentally Friendly

We source all our ingredients naturally and practice only sustainable methods to manufacture our products. HelpUsGreen Natural Dhoop Sticks are charcoal and bamboo-free and pose no risk for even those with sensitive skin and allergies.

3. Rolled By Hand For Quality Dhoop Sticks

Each natural incense stick is hand-rolled by a dedicated team of rural women to ensure top quality and generate livelihood for women.

4. Long-Lasting Organic Dhoop Sticks

A single Organic dhoop stick burns for about an hour each and so you can enjoy the fresh fragrance for a long time.

5. Health Benefits of Organic Citronella Dhoop Sticks

Citronella is an overall body tonic, that can help relax the mind and ward off bugs. Place an order soon to experience firsthand the fresh scent of the HelpUsGreen Natural Dhoop Sticks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Citronella Dhoop sticks smell great and also repel bugs like mosquitoes, making it the perfect scent for outdoor enjoyment.

Citronella Dhoop sticks get its fragrance from citronella oil that is a natural bug repellent. This is why the invigorating aroma of Citronella Dhoop Sticks keep pesky insects at bay.

The combination of effectiveness, natural ingredients, pleasant aroma, and ease of use sets Citronella Dhoop sticks apart in the world of natural repellents.

Absolutely! Citronella Dhoop sticks are renowned for keeping mosquitoes and other bugs at bay.

By using Citronella Dhoop sticks, you can create a mosquito-free and pleasant environment, enhancing the enjoyment of outdoor gatherings.

Citronella Dhoop sticks are a good way to keep mosquitoes away, but the amount of protection they provide can depend on factors like wind speed, how close you are to them, and mosquito population in your area.

The fragrance of citronella acts as a natural repellent, making it harder for insects to locate and bite. This not only enhances the overall atmosphere of outdoor spaces but also provides a natural and non-toxic alternative to chemical-based insect repellents.

Definitely! They are made from 100% natural ingredients and are non- toxic, charcoal free and bamboo free as well. This makes Citronella dhoop sticks ideal for camping and outdoor activities.

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