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How to Celebrate Safe Holi in 2024

At the arrival of spring, India explodes into a riot of colours. Holi, the festival of colours, paints the land into a vibrant masterpiece, celebrating love, life, and the triumph of good over evil. 

Imagine people forgetting their differences and coming together with their hands filled with vibrant powders and playful water guns. Laughter echoes through the streets as friends, families, and even strangers become comrades in colour.

But amid all the fun, sometimes people forget where boundaries lie, and they end up celebrating Holi in a harmful manner. Respect the environment and each other while playing Holi for the festival is meant for celebration and not destruction.

The Importance of Celebrating Safe Holi

Holi is a time of joy and celebration, which can be ripped away from you if you celebrate it in harmful ways. The need to celebrate harmless Holi stems from the need to preserve the environment, protect ourselves and animals, respect all individuals and their boundaries, and move towards sustainable practices. 

We must celebrate this festive season with not only our hearts but also wisdom and care. It is a testament to our respect for ourselves, our communities, and the world we share.

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7 Ideas to Celebrate Safe Holi in 2024

Continue reading to know the ways in which you can playing holi safely. Check out the 7 best harmless holi celebration ideas in 2024:

1. Use Organic Holi Colours

Using organic colours is a great way to celebrate Holi in a safe and eco-friendly way. Natural Holi colours are made from ingredients like turmeric, beetroot, and flowers, which are safe for the skin and eyes. Unlike synthetic colours, they don’t cause skin irritation or allergies. Additionally, they are biodegradable and don’t pollute the water bodies when washed off, unlike synthetic colours, which can contain harmful chemicals.

You can buy 100% natural Holi colours from HelpUsGreen. Our colours are NABL-certified, skin-friendly, and 100% natural. By choosing to use natural colours, you are not only ensuring a safe and healthy celebration for yourself and your loved ones, but you are also doing your part to protect the environment. 

For a quick comparison with synthetic options, check out our blog on "Organic Holi Colours vs Synthetic Colours" Make your celebration vibrant and conscious this Holi.

2. Don’t Use Water

Traditionally, Holi is celebrated with water guns and water balloons. Some people go over the top and straight up use water pipes to throw at their friends or family members. This not only leads to a significant amount of water wastage but it also has a negative impact on the environment. The water mixed with colours often ends up in our water bodies, causing pollution.

By choosing to celebrate dry Holi, we can help conserve this precious resource. Instead of water guns and water balloons, use dry and natural colours to play Holi. Put the colours on your loved ones’ faces gently. You can also use flowers to play ‘Phoolon ki Holi’, which is a beautiful and eco-friendly way to celebrate Holi.

3. Apply Coconut Oil to Face, Body, and Hair

Holi colours, even if they are organic, can dry out your skin and hair. Coconut oil acts as a barrier and prevents direct contact with these colours when applied to the body, face, and hair. It keeps your skin moisturised and prevents colour from sticking to your hair. It also helps to remove colour rather easily. After playing Holi, removing colours can be a tough task and may require a lot of water. But when you have applied oil, the colours come off easily, reducing the need for excessive scrubbing and washing.  

So, before you step out to play Holi, take a generous amount of coconut oil and apply it all over your body, face, and hair. Make sure you apply it to those areas where colour tends to stick more, like behind the ears and between the fingers.

4. Wear Goggles to Protect Your Eyes

Whether you use organic colours or synthetic colours, if they get into your eyes, they can cause irritation and discomfort. In some cases, the chemicals in synthetic colours can even cause eye infections or damage. Wearing goggles helps to protect your eyes from direct exposure to these colours. It can also keep your vision clear and save you from any accidental bumps or falls.  Choose a comfortable pair of goggles that fit you well. Make sure they cover your eyes completely. It is also a good choice to choose goggles with a strap so they can stay secure.

5. Don’t Throw Colours on Animals

The colours used in Holi, even the natural ones, can be harmful to animals. They can irritate them, cause allergic reactions, and serious health issues when ingested. Animals, especially pets, may try to lick the colours off their fur, which can lead to the ingestion of harmful substances. 

Apart from this, Holi celebrations can be quite stressful for animals. The noise, the crowd, and the chaos might scare them. The thing is that they don’t understand the significance of such festivals. So, if you have pets, the best way to ensure the safety of the animals is by keeping them indoors, away from the colours and chaos. And if you see someone attempting to colour an animal, kindly discourage them and keep animals safe. They can’t speak, but you can.

6. Avoid Playing in Mud And Dirty Places 

Playing in mud and dirty places can expose you to harmful bacteria and other pathogens, which can lead to various health problems. Mud can also get into your eyes and mouth, causing irritation and potential infections. Wet and muddy areas can be slippery and can lead to accidents and injuries as well. Not to mention the unnecessary mess it makes, making the cleaning process even more difficult. 

So, it is safer to play Holi in a clean and dry area. If you are playing Holi in a public place, make sure that it is well-maintained and clean. If you are hosting the festival at your place or someplace else, ensure that the space is clean before and after the celebration.

7. Respect Consent 

Unfortunately, the playful nature of the festival of colours can sometimes be used as an excuse for inappropriate behaviour. It is crucial to remember that  Not everyone is comfortable with having colours applied to them or getting wet. Applying colours or throwing water at someone without their consent is not acceptable. Holi is a festival of joy and should not become a source of discomfort or distress for anyone. Some people might have allergies or other health concerns, while others simply might not enjoy the messiness. So, before applying colour to anyone, ask them if it is okay to do so. It is important to respect each individual’s comfort level and personal preference. 


The true spirit of Holi lies in the joy and camaraderie it brings, and we can fully experience it by celebrating safe  Holi. Do follow eco-friendly and safe practices, such as using natural colours, conserving water, applying coconut oil, wearing goggles, avoiding muddy areas, safeguarding animals and respecting consent to ensure a safer celebration for ourselves but also contribute positively to our environment.

Remember, every splash of colour should be a symbol of joy, unity, and mutual respect. Let’s cherish this festival while being mindful of our actions, ensuring that Holi remains a joyous occasion for everyone involved. 

Have a happy and safe Holi!