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Holi Gift Hampers 

Holi, the festival that paints the world in joyous colours, is just around the corner.

What better way can you honour this vibrant festival than celebrating an eco-friendly Holi by gifting your loved ones a well-curated Holi gift hamper that embodies the spirit of this treasured occasion?  

0% Chemicals, 100% Natural

HelpUsGreen’s Holi gift hampers are thoughtfully handmade for you from naturally sourced ingredients. Our selection of Holi gift hamper boxes contains not only eco-friendly Holi colours (Green, Blue, Pink, and Yellow) but also chandan tika, jaljeera masala, thandai mix, paan shots, t-shirt, shower gel, and body oil. There’s something for every one of you!

Why Choose HelpUsGreen’s Holi Hampers?

Our assortment of gift hampers for Holi embodies sustainability and traditional craftsmanship that make for a perfect eco-friendly gift for not merely your loved ones but also for your colleagues!

Ditch the damaging synthetic colours! Here’s why you should choose HelpUsGreen’s herbal colours:

  • 100% Natural: Crafted with plant-based ingredients, gentle on even the most sensitive skin.
  • No Chemicals: Free from harsh chemicals and harmful substances.
  • NABL Certified: Highest quality standards for peace of mind.
  • Skin-Friendly: Celebrate freely without worrying about irritation or allergies.

Let this Holi be a canvas of unforgettable memories, painted with our specially crafted Holi gift hamper boxes. Explore our captivating collection of Holi gifts online and join us in our mission to spread happiness while honouring our planet.

Also, in this Holi, add the love & care of herbal gulals to your celebrations with HelpUsGreen's Limited Edition Corporate Gift Boxes and help your friends and family celebrate a safe and fun-filled Holi.


 Frequently Asked Questions:

The exact contents of the hampers may vary but typically include different eco-friendly Holi colours and free-size t-shirts.

Yes, Helpusgreen's Holi colours are made using natural ingredients and are safe for both the skin and the environment.

No, the Customization option is not available. Contact Helpusgreen for more information.

Helpusgreen offers delivery options such as standard shipping and express delivery. Contact Helpusgreen for more information on delivery options and prices.

Helpusgreen's mission is to create a sustainable future by promoting eco-friendly products and practices. The company supports this mission by offering Holi Gift Hampers that include environmentally friendly Holi colors and other eco-friendly products.