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Khus incense stick /Khus Agarbatti

HelpUsGreen Natural Khus Agarbatti (40 Sticks, Pack of 1)

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⨠ 100% Natural Ingredients
⨠ Hand-rolled by Rural Women
⨠ Long-lasting Fragrance
⨠ Burn Time: 40-45 minutes
⨠ Ethically sourced ingredients
⨠ Charcoal-free for a healthier experience
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First of all, our Khus agarbatti doesn't contain any harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients. So, these incense sticks we sell are 100% natural, so they're better for the earth and for you.  Here are some reasons why you should choose our eco-friendly and sustainable incense sticks:

  1. Soothing Fragrance of Khus
    The HelpUsGreen Natural Incense Sticks - Khus offers a refreshing and calming fragrance of khus, also known as vetiver, which is a natural coolant for the body. The aromatic scent of khus helps to relax the mind, uplift the mood, and create a soothing atmosphere in your home. With each pack containing 40 sticks, you can enjoy the aroma for an extended period.

  2. Handmade and Eco-friendly
    The HelpUsGreen Khus Agarbatti is handmade using natural and biodegradable materials such as flowers, herbs, and essential oils. It is 100% organic and free from any harmful chemicals, making it safe to use around children and pets. By choosing this product, you are supporting a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle while creating a positive impact on the environment.

  3. Traditional Indian Craftsmanship
    The HelpUsGreen Natural Incense Sticks - Khus is inspired by the traditional Indian craftsmanship of making incense sticks. The process involves hand-rolling the incense sticks and allowing them to dry naturally under the sun. This unique method ensures that the fragrance is evenly spread, and the incense sticks burn slowly, releasing a long-lasting aroma.

  4. Perfect for Meditation and Yoga
    The Organic Incense Sticks - Khus is an ideal companion for meditation and yoga practices. The soothing aroma helps to create a peaceful and calming environment, allowing you to focus on your practice and achieve mental clarity. You can use these organic incense sticks in your meditation room, yoga studio, or any space where you want to create a serene atmosphere.

  5. Great for Gifting
    The Khus Incense Sticks are a thoughtful and unique gift for your loved ones. Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion, this product is sure to impress with its eco-friendly and sustainable features. Each pack comes with 40 sticks, making it an affordable and practical gift option.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Each incense stick burns for approximately 45-50 minutes.

Each pack includes 40 incense sticks.

The incense sticks are made using only natural and organic materials and are free from harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances. They are also eco-friendly and sustainably sourced.

The incense sticks are made using natural and organic materials such as flowers, leaves, and essential oils. They are hand-rolled using traditional methods and do not contain any synthetic ingredients.

Yes, the incense sticks are safe to use as they are made from natural and organic materials. However, it is important to always follow the instructions for use and never leave burning incense unattended.

To use the incense sticks, simply light the tip and allow it to burn for a few seconds before blowing out the flame. Place the incense stick in a suitable holder and enjoy the natural fragrance.

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