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Natural dhoop cones Pack - Lemongrass Fragrance
Lemongrass fragrance pack of 40 cones
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Lemongrass fragrance pack of 40 cones

HelpUsGreen Natural Incense Lemon Grass Dhoop Cones (40 Cones Pack of 1)

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conesRelax and unwind with HelpUsGreen's Natural Lemongrass Dhoop Cones. Surround yourself with the tart lemony smell of our incense sticks, manufactured with 100% natural materials and handcrafted with care. 

Our natural incense cones are 100% organic, which means they won't harm the environment or the people who live in it. We've been making dhoops since before it was cool (get it?), so we know what we're doing when it comes to quality control and customer satisfaction.

Natural Lemongrass Dhoop Sticks to freshen up your spaces.

Lemongrass has a distinctly fresh and citrus aroma with touches of sweetness. Our natural dhoop cones will not only produce a fresh atmosphere, but they are also visually appealing. Refresh your interiors while remaining stylish. 

Organic Dhoop Cones That Are Eco-Friendly

These top-quality dhoop cones are made with 100% natural components and are free of charcoal as well as bamboo. All the ingredients are sourced naturally and recycled flowers are used as well. 

They are environmentally friendly because they produce no smoke or harmful gases when they burn. You can also feel good about using them in your home because they do not release any chemicals into the air that could be dangerous for you or your family members.

 HandRolled Dhoop Cones That Celebrate Rural Women’s Artisantry

Each natural lemongrass dhoop cone is carefully hand rolled by a team of rural women. The sleek and elegant appearance of each dhoop natural lemongrass incense stick reflects the attention to detail. With each purchase, you will be promoting sustainability while also empowering women.

Organic Lemongrass Dhoop Cone That Has Long-Lasting Aroma.

Have you ever tried to meditate only to be interrupted because your incense stick has burned out? That is not the case with Dhoop’s natural lemongrass cones. We use lemongrass essential oil to give our dhoop incense cones a fresh, citrusy scent that's perfect for both yoga and meditation. Each dhoop cone burns for around one hour and provides a long-lasting scent

Lemongrass Essential Oil Benefits from Dhoop Cones

Lemongrass has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities, and it has also been shown to fight free radicals because of its antioxidant capabilities. So, the lemongrass oils present in these dhoop cones have various health benefits and can be used to treat nausea and pain from headaches and migraines. Order yours today and appreciate the advantages of our natural lemongrass dhoop cones. 

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