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Eco-Friendly Rakhi: Make the Switch to Plantable Rakhis this Raksha Bandhan 2023

With the holidays coming up, we all want to spend more time with our loved ones and family, right? As we all know, Raksha Bandhan is a special day that celebrates the bond between siblings. Have you ever thought about going green with your Rakhi gifts? Nowadays, more and more companies are realizing the importance of eco-friendly products since it's a great way to help recycle. This is because nature has its own way of breaking down waste, as microorganisms can actually consume a lot of the things we throw away, which helps prevent pollution. So, why not switch things up this year and go for an organic Rakhi? Let's explore why.

Why Should You Switch to Eco-friendly Rakhis?

The impact of non-eco-friendly rakhis we use for Raksha Bandhan is made of plastic and metal, which are really bad for the environment as they don't are non-biodegradable and end up polluting the land and water. And when they're dumped in landfills, they can even harm our health and, at some point, also harm marine life.

Here are some reasons why you should switch to Eco-Friendly Rakhis:

  • Biodegradable: These Rakhi gifts are made entirely of natural and biodegradable materials, as even the thread and the packaging box are made of recycled paper. So, you can celebrate Raksha Bandhan without harming the environment.
  • It Can Be Planted: Like you can stick them in a pot, give them some sun and water, and yes – you've got yourself a new plant! If you ever need to get rid of them, they won't hurt the environment at all, as they'll either turn into fertilizer or keep growing into something green and beautiful.
  • Giving Back To Nature: As we are taking resources from our planet without considering the causes, it is important that we take action to preserve our Mother Earth. These eco-friendly rakhis are an excellent way to contribute towards this cause and still enjoy festive celebrations with your loved ones.
  • Supporting The Local: As local artisans handcraft these eco-friendly Rakhis, this provides them with livelihood opportunities and contributes to preserving traditional craftsmanship. Either way, you can support small-scale businesses and help sustain local economies by doing so.
  • Long-Term Impact: By choosing these small changes, it adds up to make a positive impact on the environment as it sends the message that sustainable choices matter, and it can also inspire others to see this cause.

Best Rakhi With Plants For Brothers: Eco-Friendly Raksha Bandhan Hamper


As previously discussed, gifting plants with Rakhi has proven to be a thoughtful and remarkable gesture for brothers, offering various benefits to their daily lives. Plants not only enhance the aesthetic of living spaces but also purify the air by eliminating harmful elements and pollutants. One natural eco-friendly enthusiast company,, has recently introduced a Rakhi combo that includes plants, perfect for celebrating Raksha Bandhan. One of their best products and combos includes the Plantable Seed Rakhi with Roli & Chawal Pouch. These rakhi gifts offer a special feeling, and you also reduce the one-time use of plastic rakhi and let it grow into a beautiful plant.

Bond With Nature This Raksha Bandhan


SeedRakhi comes as a breath of fresh air as it is an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional non-biodegradable rakhi. So how can we actually help the cause? By simply opting for these natural rakhis, you also empower skilled women from rural areas of our country, who are the ones who have crafted these beautiful and eco-friendly rakhis. So, this Raksha Bandhan, you can make a conscious effort to protect our environment and support the livelihood of rural women by choosing Seedrakhis.

How To Grow Your Rakhi

With all being discussed, let's look at how you can grow your own rakhi.

Step 1: To begin, take the soil coin and place it in a suitable container, such as a bowl or coir pot. Proceed to moisten the soil by spraying some water on it. Allow the soil to absorb the water and expand naturally.

Step 2: Next, take the entire rakhi and plant it firmly in the soil mix. Ensure that the rakhi is fully submerged in the soil. Lightly spray some water on top of the soil to keep it moist.

Step 3: Finally, place the container in an area that receives ample sunlight. Observe the rakhi as it grows into a beautiful plant. Remember to water it regularly and provide it with the necessary nutrients to ensure its healthy growth.


We hope the information provided has been helpful in your knowing of the purpose of these natural rakhis. From their biodegradable components to their eco-friendly-ness, make the best of this year's Raksha Bandhan with your loved ones and families by also loving nature. Happy Raksha Bandhan in advance, and stay Green!!