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Help Us Green Incense Sticks Floral Waste Ganges

This startup is saving the Ganges by making incense sticks from floral waste

The Ganges, which is virtually synonymous with Indian civilization, is dying.
Every year 80,00,000 metric tonnes of waste flowers are dumped into river Ganges. Toxic Arsenic, Lead, and Cadmium from the harmful farm-runoff, pesticides, and insecticides used to grow flowers mixes with the river water making it highly poisonous (PH 6-8.5).
These major pollutants affect the lives of 400 Million people -linked to contracting dysentery, cholera, hepatitis, and severe diarrhea – which are the leading causes of child mortality across India and Bangladesh.

What’s the best we can do?

Feel sad.
And then, tweet about it.
Go on Facebook and tell the world, how this is harmful to the environment.
After a few likes and Retweets, go back to your regular life.

What’s the best an entrepreneur’s mind can do?

Look for a solution.
Look at this as a huge opportunity.
And start solving it.
And this is what a startup is doing with floral waste.
The startup, HelpUsGreen collects floral waste from the temples in Uttar Pardesh, thus preventing 7600 Kgs waste flowers and 97 Kgs toxic chemicals from getting into the river daily.
The waste is handcrafted by rural women SHGs (Self-help groups) into patented organic fertilizer and incense sticks.

One of the coolest products the company has launched is Yagya – 100% chemical-free incense sticks. The product is packed in a box that grows into a Tulsi plant! 

So far, HelpusGreen has collected 3,35,000 kilograms of flowers from temples and mosques and has flower cycle them into organic products.
The team will soon launch no-chemical bathing bars and natural body cleaners.

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