Rejuvenating Khus Incense Sticks, Sticks & Stones (40 sticks per box)

Rs. 250.00

Breathe in the sweet earthy-woodsy fragrance of Vetiver and see all your worries melt away. Long considered an anti-stressor in aromatherapy, the essence of Vetiver, is the dominant scent in our Vetiver incense. It helps to organize scattered thoughts concentrate, and overcome intellectual fatigue. They are flowercycled® and made from recycled material.

 Kanpur based, HelpUsGreen® makes flowercycled® natural and certified organic products from the river Ganges waste.



  • 100% natural luxury incense
  • Handcrafted
  • Charcoal free
  • Earthy and grounding aroma
  • Vetiver fragrance