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Corporate Gift Hamper

Delight your employees and clients with organic Holi gift hampers.

Thanks to our organic hampers, you can send something that not only brings a smile but also ensures that you are doing your bit for the environment by choosing an eco-friendly option.

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Corporate Holi Gift Options


Chemical Free

We're proud to offer chemical-free Holi gift hampers that don't contain any toxins or harmful substances, so one can celebrate safely.



These are the perfect gifts for anyone who wants to celebrate Holi without worrying about what they're putting into their bodies.



You want organic. You want healthy. You want to be a good steward of the plane. That's why we only sell 100% organic holi gift hampers.


IIRT certified

The colours are certified by Industrial Research and Toxicology (IIRT), so you can rest easy knowing that the colours won't harm your skin.

Why should you choose our colourful Holi Gift Hampers?

These hampers include skin-friendly Herbal Gulal and other premium products like Shower Gel, Thandai Mix, Body Oil, and Cotton T-shirts—all packed in a luxurious box to make this Holi festival extra special. They're perfect for co-workers, clients, friends and family alike. Our products offer you a number of benefits, including:

  • The colours are made from real vegetables like beetroot, flowers like marigolds and maize starch so they're good for you.
  • The hampers are made by a small family business in India that uses fair trade practices and is awarded by multiple organisations like Forbes, Tata and Unilever etc.
  • We use only biodegradable and sustainable packaging materials. Even the Holi T-shirts are organic and cotton.
  • Our products are made with no chemicals or preservatives, so they'll last longer than other hampers on the market.



Why Help Us Green?

Immerse yourself in organic fragrances by HelpUsGreen, a lifestyle brand that makes religion sustainable. As the Ganges drowns in an alarming amount of floral debris, we introduce our pioneering “flower cycling” technology turning temple waste into scented treasure. Our Dhoops are carefully crafted by rural women of our community and packaged neatly in green and clean materials. For years, we have been offering beautiful corporate gift baskets that make a perfect choice for any employee. We are committed to providing exceptional service to our clients. When you choose natural incense over chemical-based options, you’re getting all of these benefits from pure, natural ingredients instead of man-made chemicals.

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Take a better step, celebrate nature with help us green’s limited edition corporate gift boxes and help in giving back to the environment.