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Corporate Gift Hamper

Handpicked Eco-Friendly Diwali Corporate gift hampers for your employees & clients

Our handpicked green corporate gift hampers have a perfect blend of environment-friendly recyclable products that help your employees & clients to relax, rejuvenate and contribute to a greener world.

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Corporate gift hamper


Improved air quality

Our 100% eco-friendly natural incense sticks are known to purify and refresh the air plus you will be blissed out by the scent of it.


Stress relief & Relaxation

The fragrances we have chosen for your employees will offer a wide range of benefits, including reducing stress and increasing focus.


Rich Aroma

Our incense sticks are blended with 13 unique fragrances of sacred temple flowers, milk, honey, and dipped in essential oils.

Why should you choose our Diwali Gift Hampers?

Our Diwali gift hampers make it easy to celebrate the festival of light in style. These hampers include eco-friendly incense sticks and other luxury products like dry fruits, a Diya box, and a Rangoli kit—all packed in a creative box to make this Diwali festival extra special. Our products offer you a number of benefits, including:

  • These products are 100% plastic-free, eco-friendly, organic and recyclable.
  • Imagine a world where your employees are so blissed out by the scent of our incense that they zone out, forget to make mistakes and don't call in sick.
  • Incense sticks dipped in essential oils and infused with 13 unique fragrances of temple flowers, milk, honey, and honey.
  • Every stick or cone is handcrafted with the highest quality ingredients and utmost care.


Why Help Us Green?

Immerse yourself in organic fragrances by HelpUsGreen, a lifestyle brand which makes religion sustainable. As the Ganges drowns in an alarming amount of floral debris, we introduce our pioneering “flower cycling” technology turning temple waste into scented treasure. Our Dhoops are carefully crafted by rural women of our community and packaged neatly in green and clean materials. For years, we have been offering beautiful corporate gift baskets that make a perfect choice for any employee. We are committed to providing exceptional service to our clients. When you choose natural incense over chemical-based options, you’re getting all of these benefits of pure, natural ingredients instead of man-made chemicals.

Why You Must Opt For The Eco-Friendly Corporate Gift Hampers This Diwali

Helpusgreen offers products that are 100% organic, free of charcoal and other harmful chemicals.
Our eco-friendly Diwali gift hampers comes at an affordable price. They are filled with luxurious products that you can use to show your clients or employees that you care about them and the environment.
They will love the luxurious products and the message of environmental awareness that comes with each hamper.
We've been working to clean the Ganga by removing all the floral debris and using them to make incense sticks. Now, let's come together and take a pledge to purify our environment.

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Take a better step, celebrate nature with help us green’s limited edition corporate gift boxes and help in giving back to the environment.