Fragrance Note Health Benefits Suggested Usage
Citronella Clean, crisp and rich-citrusy aroma " Stress relief & Relaxation, Therapy for colds, coughs, headches and depression" Natural mosquito-repellent, Room Freshner, Aromatherapy
Eucalyptus Minty and pine note with a touch of honey Removes physical and mental fatigue, Cures respiratory diseases Room Freshner, Aromatherapy, Insect repellent
Indian Rose Fresh and sweet, smelly note Calms body and mind Aphrodisiac, Meditation/ Yoga, Aromatherapy
Jasmine "sweet, warm and flowery note base note and a seductive upper tone. " Heals pain, Relieves menstrual cramps, Rejuvenates your body and mind Aromatherapy, Aphrodisiac
Lavender Crisp, floral aromatic note Helps you sleep peacefully and feel more energetic next morning, Soothes stomach irritations Sedative, Aromatherapy, Insects repellent, Home Fragrance
Lemongrass Crisp and citrusy lemon-like base notes and sweet upper tones Revitalizes your tired body and mind, Fights fatigue, Relieves muscle pain Natural air freshner, Aromatherapy
Loban herbaceous aromatic fragrance with earthy and balsamic notes Helps you focus and relax for deep meditation, Yoga/ Meditation, Aromatherapy, Anti-depressant
Nargis soft, sedative, spring floral fragrance note Fights depression, Treats insomnia Natural anti-depressant, Insomnia Treater
Orange delicious, sweet fragrance note enriched by the radiant freshness of citrus fruits Unclutters your mind, Brings delight and happy memories, Helps you relax and let go off stress Mood uplifter, Aromatherapy
Patchouli a rich, herbaceous earthy aroma with a woody- minty undertone Relieves stress, Helps drive away negative feelings, Yoga/Meditation, Anti-depressant, Insect repellant
Tuberose sweet, exotic and seductive fragrance with a velvety opulence Calms your mind, Improves your sleep Luxury, Aromatherapy, Aphrodisiac, Home Fragrance
Tulsi fresh herbaceous-minty fragrance Purifies your mind, body and spirit, Relieves stress, Protects you from infections, cough & cold Home Purifier, Anti-stress agent, Herbal Therapeutic
Vetiver "woody, sweet and earthy base notes, with a musky upper tone " Refreshes and enegizes you after a long tiring day, Prevents bacterial infections Yoga/ Meditation, Aromatherapy, Insomnia treater

September 09, 2018 by Ankit Agarwal